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James asks for Taylor and Brooke's cellphones before they begin a therapy session. After yoga, James begins by asking Brooke to recount the first time that she was at odds with Taylor.

James then suggests that Taylor turn this around by doing something good for Brooke. Setting up a massage table, James asks Taylor to give Brooke a massage.

As she does so reluctantly, Brooke starts to relax until the rubbing becomes too strong and she complains.

Taylor makes an adjustment but Brooke continues to complain only to start laughing as she remembers how she interrupted her wedding with a horse.

Taylor fumes until she suddenly bounces an elbow into her rival's spine. James stops her and vows to make them friends.

Before he leaves for his big TV interview in San Diego, Owen tells Jackie he's nervous about doing his first live interview. Hoping to calm him, Jackie suggests they have sex first.

When Clarke arrives, Jackie takes a moment to confess to her husband that she loves him. Before they depart, Owen stops by Whip's place and warns his rival not to go downstairs near his wife.

Kept outside, Owen fails to see the numerous photos of Jackie Whip's keeping on display in his apartment.

Later, Whip finds a door ajar and enters only to find he's at the top of a circular staircase in Jackie's place.

She's shocked to see him and accuses him of deliberately breaking in only to realize that she left the door open herself.

Jackie apologizes and thanks him fro his compliments before he returns to his place.

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