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Before he goes on the air in San Diego, Owen calls Jackie to assure her that he's fine with his upcoming interview. Jackie assures Whip and Bridget that Owen will do a fantastic job.

Steffy is shocked when Ridge reveals that Brooke and Taylor are in therapy with James up at Big Bear. He explains why it's essential for them to work out their differences after all of these years.

The two tune into the TV interview with Owen but when Ridge complains it's just a big promotion for Jackie M, he invites his daughter out for a bite to eat.

Meanwhile, Owen talks up the success at Jackie M before he's questioned about his marriage. Calling it complex, Owen tells the interviewer that the truth about his marriage would "blow your mind."

When he's challenged to do just that, Owen stares into the camera and boasts that he's about to reveal something even his wife doesn't know.

James brings breakfast to his charges and asks how they slept. Brooke claims that she had a dream that someone was choking her.

James announces that he's arranged a special surprise for them. He instructs them to get into a tub filled with "healing" mud imported from the Dead Sea and then insists that they look at each other.

When Brooke is unable to do so, Taylor points this out and suggests that she feels too guilty to look at her.

Challenged, Brooke stares daggers at her rival and eventually, the two start slinging mud until all three of them are covered with it.

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