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Nick tells Bridget he went to the beach to convince Owen to go back to Jackie. He guesses that the marriage may be over.

Pam interrupts and says everything will be fine.

An amused and touched Owen watches as Jackie pleads with him from her parasail to believe that she loves him.

He rushes out to her but then panics when seagulls start attacking her sail and she plummets to the water below.

Rescuing her, Owen brings a shivering Jackie back to his beach house where he chastises her for putting herself in such danger.

He admits he told Nick he needs more time but she points out that she needs him in her life. As Beth rages at Stephanie for daring to tell her to stop pressuring Ridge to return to Brooke, Stephanie is concerned when Beth suddenly blurts out that Brooke isn't even here.

Beth continues, stumbling to remember Taylor's name and what a computer is until she suddenly slaps Stephanie on her arms.

Beth won t stop hitting until Marcus, Ridge and Brooke run in and put a halt to the screaming.

Stephanie explains her version of what happened and tries to walk out only to be attacked by Beth again.

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The Bold and the Beautiful
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