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Brooke stands next to her horse at the entrance to the beach house. Taylor and Stephanie order her to get out. Brooke accuses Steffy and Stephanie of playing her.

Ridge can't believe it but Brooke describes how she was supposed to meet Ridge at the beach, thanks to numerous text messages.

Thomas admits that he's responsible.

He boasts that Brooke kept sending these "pathetic" messages.

Steffy apologizes but insists that she felt she had to do this to protect her father from Brooke who refuses to respect his commitment to their family.

Reminding him that he already spoke his vows, Steffy urges Ridge to finish it. Instead, Ridge asks to speak to Taylor and Brooke alone.

Ridge then recounts how her support of Rick ruined their relationship. Brooke claims that Taylor's drugging of Ridge was just as wrong and refuses to back down.

The two women then offer Ridge advice on how to make his decision.

Outside, Donna and Stephanie argue about what is the right thing for Ridge to do. Eric interrupts and announces that they are going to allow Ridge to make his own decision but Stephanie refuses to go along with his demand.

Marcus comforts Steffy who worries how her father is going to react to her scheming. Inviting her to share a sushi dinner, Whip asks Jackie how she met her husband.

As she talks glowingly about Owen, he questions whether she loves him. Instead, she calls Owen the best thing for her right now.

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The Bold and the Beautiful
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