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As Ridge escorts Stephanie out, she tells her son she thinks Beth needs professional help. Ridge tells Stephanie that Beth has Alzheimer's.

Stunned, Stephanie worries how the daughters will react to this news and what follows to their mother.

While Marcus helps comfort a shaken Beth, Stephen pulls Donna, Katie and Brooke together to tell them that Beth is in stage 5 of Alzheimer's disease.

Admitting she has changed greatly since he left on a business trip, Stephen admits that her short term memory is affected first.

He goes on to talk about how frustrated she'll get as she can't remember things. Brooke guesses that anger is a symptom of this horrible disease. When Beth returns to the room, Stephen tells her that he wants to marry her because time is precious.

As the three daughters watch teary-eyed, Stephen asks Beth to be his wife.

Thanking him for asking, Beth tells Stephen that she can't marry him. Pulling out a ring box, Stephen tells Beth that he bought the ring in Paris months ago before he knew anything about her disease.

He denies doing this because of guilt and reminds her that no one knows how much time any of them have left. Thanks to Katie, Brooke and Donna pushing her, Beth accepts his proposal.

Hinting that he hasn't changed his mind about their marriage, Owen tells Jackie that the kiss doesn't mean anything to him.

However, he claims that running to another man's arms tells him everything he needs to know about their relationship. Owen explains that he's not giving up on their marriage and reminds her he took vows.

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