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As she lashes out at Katie, Nick demands that Jackie back off. He orders her not to speak to his future wife that way.

Instead, Jackie warns Nick about what Katie is going to do to him after what she did to Bridget. Nick asks her to stop but Jackie claims the night on the island was pure seduction on Katie's part.

After she leaves, Nick suggests to Katie that they forget about his mother and move up their wedding to today.

Claiming no one wants him around anymore, Rick confirms for Steffy that he's joined the army and admits that he did this to prove to her that he deserves her.

Stunned, Steffy points out how dangerous this idea is and asks him to stay. Admitting he told Eric and Brooke, Rick again states that "it's a done deal" and asks if she'll wait for him.

As she considers his decision, Rick claims it will all be worth it when he comes home to her. Rick then asks her to make love to him.

Insisting she was inspired by his last line of clothes, Bridget seeks Clarke's advice about her own designs.

He points out that Jackie will love anything she designs because of how she feels about her. Bridget insists that she loves designing over being a doctor and he guesses who is inspiring her.

Later, Jackie asks Bridget if she would take Nick back if she had the chance. Bridget won't answer.

When Jackie finds out the wedding's been moved up, she panics and tells Bridget they've got to stop her son.

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