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Rick has enlisted in the army. He arrives at the recruiting office and learns he's being sent to boot camp in South Carolina - today.

But when he tells the doctor about the fall that temporarily paralyzed him, a relieved Rick walks out a free man. He rushes to Forrester to find Steffy.

Once he does, Rick admits that the army rejected him for medical reasons. Steffy confesses that she's glad but when he presses her to go tell her "daddy" that she wants to be with Rick, Steffy won't do it.

Instead, she claims the only way they can have a relationship is if he makes peace with her father. Rick states that she is going to be his, with or without Ridge's permission.

Insisting it's not too late, Jackie encourages Bridget to go to Nick before he marries Katie. She claims that Katie has "bamboozled" her son but Bridget vows not to be hurt again.

Jackie maintains that she is going to stop the wedding and asks if she's coming with her. Accompanying the minister, Jackie barges into Nick's place which upsets him and Katie.

Jackie announces that she is not going to allow him to marry Katie.

Finding Brooke worried that her son will die in combat, Ridge insists that she has nothing to worry about and suggests that Rick knows that the army won't take him.

Brooke claims she just wants to protect her son and now she can't. Ridge heads down to shipping and finds Rick embracing his daughter.

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