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Ridge is shaken when Erin the model comes into his office wearing one of his designs. He sends her out.

Ridge then advises Brooke that the dress she was wearing was actually one he designed for Phoebe and calls it a signature dress.

She comforts him as he laments the plans he had that will never happen. At the beach house Stephanie spies on Rick and Steffy as they kiss.

She hides when Brooke calls Steffy to request she come see her father who is missing Phoebe. Rick's disappointed when she announces that she's going to help her father.

He reminds her that he needs her too.

Steffy won't change her mind. Stephanie listens as Rick mentions his crazy idea of them working together at Jackie M. Designs and his hopes for having his own family one day.

Steffy laughs at the idea that he was crazed by love to make the decision he made but then points out how upset she was that he gave Nick her father's designs.

Rick promises Steffy that Brooke will "work her magic" on Ridge and turn him around so they can be together. After Steffy hurries back to Forrester, Stephanie pops out and shocks Rick.

She tells him he's sorely mistaken if he thinks that Ridge is ever going to forgive him for killing his daughter. She accuses him of using Steffy to get back at her father but he denies it.

Alone with her father, Steffy points out that it was Phoebe's choice to get into the car with Rick.

But as she tries to defend him, Ridge insists that Rick is responsible for Phoebe's death and he will never allow Rick to be with Steffy.

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