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Jackie explains that Nick and Katie's love is based on false hope. Beth rips Jackie but she insists Nick still has feelings for Bridget.

When Katie asks why she is here, Bridget meekly suggests she's there for her "special day."

Jackie argues with Beth about Katie's deceit and when Katie asks how she can dare to do this, Bridget suddenly comes alive and lashes out at Katie for betraying her.

Upset, Katie announces she's going upstairs.

Ordering the minister to stay, Nick demands that Jackie to apologize to Katie. Finding Rick embracing his daughter in the shipping office, Ridge sticks around to hear him trying to convince Steffy that she's wrong in thinking they need Ridge's approval to be together.

After Ridge leaves as quietly as he arrived, Steffy pleads with Rick to accept her decision.

He walks out and heads up to the Forrester roof where he discovers Ridge has followed him. There, Ridge boasts that he knows he won't actually enlist because he's not man enough.

Rick insists he needs the discipline to be a better person but Ridge laughs at the idea and then smirks to hear he was rejected.

When Ridge physically stops him from leaving, Rick challenges him so Ridge rushes him and ends up falling over the ledge. Rick grabs his arms and tries to pull him to safety.

Meanwhile, Steffy gives Brooke the good news that the army wouldn't take Rick because of his injury from the fall.

As Brooke shows her relief, she confirms that Ridge guessed this would happen. The two worry that Ridge might have seen them together and run to investigate.

Jake warns them he saw Ridge following a guy in a military outfit.

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