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Rick pulls Ridge to safety and says he would never let him die. Stephanie urges Taylor to stay strong and support Ridge.

Stephanie is shocked to find Ridge breathing hard and wearing a torn shirt. He admits he "got into it" with Rick and almost fell off the roof.

However, he states that it was his fault. Ridge reveals he saw Rick earlier with Steffy, embracing her and talking.

When he claims that Phoebe's death and his trouble today were just accidents, Stephanie urges him not to forgive Rick.

Meanwhile, Brooke rushes to her son who claims that Ridge came at him real fast but he ducked and that's why Ridge went over the ledge.

Brooke quickly points out that Rick actually saved Ridge. Though Brooke is so proud of him and wants to tell everyone, Rick stops her and insists she not tell anyone.

He suggests that with time now, Ridge may come to forgive him.

Later, Brooke hugs him and admits that Rick told her not to tell anyone that he saved his life. As she gushes about her son, Ridge points out that Rick actually wants her to tell everyone and is just manipulating her.

When she asks if he's not grateful for what Rick did, Ridge assures her that his feelings about him have not changed.

He states emphatically that Rick must stay away from his daughter but she begs him to give Rick a place in the company.

Stephanie lets Rick know that she's unimpressed by what he considers are his heroic actions today.

When she asks when he's being shipped out, Rick explains he was rejected by the army, causing her to laugh that his scheme worked. Taylor considers that she's still in love with Ridge.

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