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Jackie does offer Nick the name "Madame X" as the mystery woman's name. Stephanie tells a shirtless Rick that a relationship between him and Ridge's remaining daughter will not last.

She orders him to end it or else Steffy will be hurt.

Later, when Steffy returns to the house, Rick advises her that they might have a problem continuing with their relationship, thanks to Stephanie.

As he reveals that Stephanie was spying on them yesterday, Steffy slowly backs up and then panics, asking Rick what they're going to do. Rick insists that Stephanie won't tell anyone.

Meanwhile, Stephanie stops by Taylor's place and ends up comforting her as she struggles to deal with Phoebe's death.

Confirming that her other daughter isn't home right now, Taylor worries that Steffy is holding in her pain and fears that she is very vulnerable right now.

Stephanie advises her that Steffy has already fallen victim to a man but will only say that it's someone who has hurt Taylor in the past.

When Steffy comes home with Rick, Taylor shudders to guess that Rick is that man. Donning a shocking red mini-dress and a black wig, Bridget shows at Jackie's office and greets her using a phony French accent.

Jackie quickly recognizes her and is thrilled by her disguise.

As they talk about creating a "back story" about their new designer, Nick barges into the office and insists on being introduced to her guest. Donning her sunglasses again, Bridget turns and introduces herself as Madame X.

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