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Pointing out that she's always gone with her heart tells, Rick lashes out at Brooke for telling him he can't be with Steffy. He guesses she's doing this for Ridge's sake.

Brooke defends her decision to support Ridge and points out all she has had to battle in order for her to be with Ridge, including Rick.

She snaps at him that he must end things with Steffy and then admits that she senses he's testing her.

He denies it and vows not to give up on Steffy.

Ridge wonders aloud to Stephanie if he'll have to completely forget about Phoebe in order to start feeling better.

After she explains her own experience, Ridge promises that he will do better protecting Steffy.

Stephanie suggests that he must allow his daughter to try to solve her problems on her own and hints that there is one now that she's dealing with.

Ridge is curious about this but Stephanie suggests that because he seems more at peace when he's with her, she encourages him to go home and be with Brooke.

Ridge is astounded and offers to give her a hug for her but Stephanie quickly nixes the idea.

Talking to her mother about her frustration with her feelings for her father and for Rick, Steffy tells Taylor that if Ridge is ever going to get past his anger, he's got to stop obsessing over Rick.

Taylor can't believe that she still thinks Ridge will one day okay her being with Rick. Stephanie returns and points out how she's caught in the middle between Ridge and Rick.

Urging her to act like an adult, Stephanie asks her to realize that Ridge has always stuck by her so she must stick by him.

Ridge returns home and overhears Rick telling his mother that he and Steffy are going to be together no matter what anyone says.

Ridge barges in and counters that it's not going to happen.

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