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Robin McGraw, longtime friend, author and wife of TV's Dr. Phil, encourages Jackie to feel good about herself and put herself first. Stephanie invites her to join her at the bar.

After commenting on the rumors about Jackie's faltering company, Stephanie comments on losing Eric.

Jackie admits she was hoping that Stephanie would end up with him and not the "blond bimbo Barbie doll."

Nick's upset when he guesses correctly that Katie snooped in his computer. He confirms that the financial status of Jackie M is horrible and he can't make the payment on the note.

Mr. Williams arrives and, in front of Katie, warns that he's about to lose the company after extending the loan more than once.

The banker gives him 24 hours to come up with the money owed.

Later, Nick's curious when he receives via email a new Forrester design. Catching them kissing up at Big Bear, Bridget lays into Rick and Steffy about being together.

She points out that anyone could have walked through the door and when Rick disagrees, she calls him foolish.

Rick boasts that they've fallen in love so she orders him to fall out of love, warning that nothing good can come out of this.

Though she tells him she wants to stay at the cabin forever, Rick accompanies her to the car to head back to L.A.

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