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Admiring Eric's latest design, everyone agrees that it's a classic. When Donna hints to Stephanie that everyone has a job to do, Ridge comments on her skills with "honey."

Rick interrupts and urges everyone to put their disagreements aside for the sake of the troubled company.

He then suggests that Katie take herself out of the loop as they discuss their plans because she's engaged to the competition and because of her media relationships.

Later, sending Donna out, Thorne angrily confronts his father and points out that he's back in the basement again.

Eric tries to explain but Thorne tells him he's watching his half-brothers move up in the organization while he stays back.

Eric insists that he's depending on him to pull the company together but Thorne laughs at the idea.

He warns that Eric's putting his faith in the wrong people, blasting him for trusting Rick. Brooke argues with Stephanie when she claims it's a Logan company now, not a Forrester one.

Hearing Rick is giving Steffy a ride, Ridge panics and rushes to save his daughter.

He hurries out to the parking lot and stares at Rick's oncoming car.

Jackie is amazed to see the design Nick's been eyeing and calls it Clarke's best work. Nick advises her that it's a Forrester design and reveals that it was sent to him anonymously.

As they argue about the morality of using the piece, Nick finds another design waiting for him on his laptop.

Nick decides he won't use them unless he finds out who sent them. After some thought, Nick guesses Katie's responsible and decides not to use them.

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