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Nick warns that an anonymous person is trying to take control of their company using stolen designs. Jackie claims she doesn't care.

As the staff gets ready for the showing, Nick convinces Katie she shouldn't be here for the showing for the sake of her family.

When Clarke bursts in with the latest dress, Nick won't allow a curious Katie to see it. Guessing he's just stressed out from the pressure of the moment, Katie takes her leave.

As the press gathers, Jarrett asks Jackie how they can serve champagne during these troubling economic times.

She denies that Jackie M Designs is in trouble.

Told he's not going overboard to protect the company, Thorne assures Eric that only those with the access codes can access the designs.

Felicia continues to give her father a hard time.

Stephanie later assures Eric that his latest designs are some of his best work.

When he complains about his children's attitudes, she suggests that he consider where it stems from.

In his office, Rick embraces Steffy as they talk about whether they can be together in spite of Ridge's demands.

She pulls back and asks what's the point of clinging to something that just can't happen. He responds that this is worth fighting for and insists they'll find a way.

Touched, Steffy confesses that she loves him. Rick then kisses her.

Brooke convinces Katie to go back to Nick because he rally needs her support today. As the show gets underway, Katie arrives and immediately recognizes the Forrester Original designs.

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The Bold and the Beautiful
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