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Pam chastises Donna for wearing her crocheted bikini in the surf line show. Eric is enthused as the Forrester phones ring off the hook in response.

Pam insists that Donna hand back the bathing suit back immediately. Donna later warns Owen that Pam took her creation back.

Pushed to tell Eric the truth, Donna tries to explain to her excited husband that Pam actually crocheted the bikini.

Eric thanks her for her help today and when he learns she's no longer wearing anything under her robe, he insists on having sex in his office to celebrate today's success.

Questioned by Jarrett, Stephanie allows him to tape her statement that she thinks Rick is responsible for Phoebe's death and should pay for it.

Stephanie vows to make sure that she gets the credit she deserves and hints that she'll get her a job. Pam downplays what she did but her sister insists that she saved Eric's collection and will soon be Donna's partner.

Brooke and Ridge arrive at the beach and tell each other that they've pulled off their secret wedding. Standing on the sand as the surf roars, Brooke and Ridge express their feelings for one another, exchanging their vows to become husband and wife again.

The two then celebrate in a makeshift tent on the beach.

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The Bold and the Beautiful
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