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As photographers snap pics, Eric tries to comfort Donna on the runway. He escorts her backstage. Katie tries to turn it into a exciting surprise ending for the show.

Katie works hard to convince Jared about the healthy future of Forrester.

Once the reporters leave, Bill congratulates Katie on her efforts but says he's not fooled at all.

Backstage, Donna tastes the sticky stuff all over her and realizes it's honey. She tells Eric that Pam did this to her.

After climbing down from the catwalk, Pam gloats to herself about the honey surprise. Stephanie calls her and warns her to go into hiding immediately.

Instead, Stephanie finds her backstage and listens as her sister laughs about how successful her plan was.

Donna interrupts and accuses Stephanie of working with Pam to embarrass her.

Stephanie denies it and then Pam claims that she wants to congratulate whoever is responsible. Donna asks Pam why she did this to Eric on the day he was trying to put his company back on top.

Pam laughs that Donna did this, not her.

Eric orders Pam into his office with Stephanie. There, the banker angrily tells Eric he'll talk with him tomorrow.

Downplaying what Forrester now is, Pam hands Eric her letter of resignation, laughing that she's done with Donna.

Stephanie tells Eric that all Pam said was true.

Donna arrives in time to hear Ridge blame her for all of the troubles at Forrester. Donna offers to leave but Eric won't hear it.

Thomas points out again how Marcus is spending time with his sister and guesses Steffy will forget about Rick soon.

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The Bold and the Beautiful
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