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Ridge worries about the media's reaction to yesterday's disaster. Steffy and Thomas assure their dad that they will do what they can to help.

Taylor enters and adds her offer of help.

Marcus tries to calm his mother as Donna admits her concern about the future of Forrester.

Later, Marcus brings a smile to Steffy's face when he finds her out on the terrace, talking about her parents getting back together.

Inside, Taylor and Ridge return to bed. Katie dines with Bill and challenges the way he does business, using threats to get what he wants.

She wonders if he allows any emotions in his business dealings.

Bill suggests they continue their "date" but she guesses he's hoping to end the evening by taking her back to his place.

She warns him she didn't enjoy it the last time she was there.

As they view photos from the Forrester fashion show, Katie asks him not to publish the one featuring Donna wearing the honey and gold-sparkle covered showstopper.

He shows her that photo and another of Donna without the honey and sparkles and points out how more exciting the honey photo is from the other one.

Bill hands her a remote control and tells her he'll let her choose and when she is unable to make the decision for him, he chooses the honey photo.

Katie lashes out at him and asks him who hurt him to make him act this way. Bill warns her to back off from trying to find out what's inside him for fear of what she may find.

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