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Ridge reminds Brooke he is with Taylor. She pleads with him for another chance. Ridge states that he has moved on. She argues that he hasn't.

Ridge admits that he has made a promise to his family, one that he won't go back on. Stunned, Brooke asks him if this means he's going to marry Taylor again.

Denying it, Ridge reminds her that Brooke made it very clear to him that she had "moved on" and wouldn't do what he wanted to save their marriage.

Realizing it's her fault, Brooke starts crying and as Ridge pulls her close to him to comfort her, Steffy finds them embracing.

She asks if this means they are back together. Ridge assures her they are not and privately tells her that he is committed to their family.

Owen is suspicious when Jackie shows him the photo of Whip and reveals that he was once married to Brooke.

Jackie confirms that Stephanie convinced her to hire her sister and Whip but guesses Stephanie has an agenda where Whip is concerned.

Stephanie updates Whip on much of what has happened to Brooke recently and assures him that her son has finally figured out that he should be in Taylor's life.

Whip hurries over to Brooke's place where he surprises her. Though she claims this is a bad time, he convinces her to let him in.

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