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Taylor asks Ridge to marry her. He accepts her proposal. Whip announces that they need to saturate the media with news about Jackie M.

He suggests Bridget be the face they use.

Jackie loves the idea but Bridget nixes it. Owen interrupts, apologizes for being late and greets Jackie with a kiss.

Whip congratulates Owen on the publicity stunt of the wedding in Hawaii and adds that "cougar relationships" are in right now.

Jackie reminds him that he is her husband so Owen decides to promote the brand with Jackie. He has a bathtub wheeled into Jackie's office and describes how he'd like to promote them as a couple to boost sales.

Later, suggesting a dress rehearsal, Owen helps Jackie undress and hop into the bubble bath. Outside the office, Owen makes suggestive comments about what's happening inside as Nick stares angrily at the closed door.

When Brooke boasts that she still has feelings for Ridge and can make him happy, Steffy disagrees. She states that it was Brooke's support of Rick and her that drove Ridge back to Taylor.

Steffy insists it's hopeless but when Brooke denies it, Steffy gets her to confirm that she's always wanted to make Ridge happy.

She then asks Brooke to leave her father alone so he can be happy. Steffy returns home and joins Thomas in celebrating as Taylor announces that she and Ridge are going to get married.

They all take a moment to remember Phoebe.

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