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Whip gets Owen to okay the photo of Jackie. Jackie calls her husband into the steam room and they have the sex. Brooke runs over to Taylor's place in hopes of finding Ridge.

Steffy and Thomas panic when Ridge picks up her cellphone and finds a text message on it. They're relieved to find the message is not from Brooke but is work related.

Ridge congratulates his daughter on getting a go ahead about being the new teen spokesmodel. The two kids then push their parents to leave the house and attend to getting the beach house ready for tomorrow's wedding.

Once they're gone, Brooke arrives and presses the teens to find out where Ridge is. Steffy and Thomas refuse to say where he went but she vows to find him.

After Taylor leaves for the night, Eric approaches his son and asks about his feelings for Taylor.

Back with his wife, Eric confides to Donna that after his chat with Ridge at the beach house, he feels that deep down inside, Ridge still hasn't gotten over Brooke.

While he's called away on business, Donna finds Brooke upset and leaks that Ridge is at the beach house. Brooke sends Ridge another text message, boasting that she is on her way to the beach house.

Steffy and Thomas decide to delay her arrival, and send her a message asking her to meet "Ridge" at the beach tomorrow.

Brooke responds that she knows about the wedding so they write yet another, insisting that she be in their secret spot tomorrow.

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