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Nick fumes after finding Bill's magazine featuring a photo of Owen with Jackie in Hawaii. Bridget reads the article about the wedding to him.

Jackie bursts into the office with alohas for everyone.

Owen follows soon and Nick angrily reminds him that he ordered him to be gone from the company by the time he got back from his honeymoon.

When he presses him to get out, Jackie suddenly kisses her new husband. Fuming, Nick orders his mother to come with him, leaving Bridget behind to chastise Owen for marrying Nick's mother.

Owen vows to be the "best damn husband" for Jackie.

Meanwhile, Nick shows his mother the magazine and guesses that Owen set up the hidden photographer to cover the outrageous story of their nuptials.

Jackie urges Nick to calm down, telling her son that she is in total control of things. He insists he's just trying to protect her finances.

Later, Bridget tries to calm Nick who is taken aback when she shoves him to a nearby couch and places her high-heeled foot on his chest.

At the pool before the family barbecue, Ridge and Steffy discuss all that has happened with Ridge's marriage.

Steffy points out that it's obvious that his marriage couldn't work.

Later, Steffy and Thomas welcome Ridge and Taylor to the pool side, candle-lit table, admitting they actually ordered dinner from that French restaurant they both like.

Steffy urges them to enjoy it and invites them to dance since she and Thomas are leaving. Sensing their plan is a mistake, Steffy apologizes but Ridge eventually invites Taylor to dance.

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