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Nick can't stop thinking about Owen marrying his mother. Bridget saunters into their bedroom, dressed in leopard-themed lingerie.

To take his mind off Owen, she invites him to help her remove what she's wearing.

He starts talking about killing Owen, so she backs off and warns that he can either make love to her or make plans for Owen by himself.

Dancing by the pool, Ridge remembers to Taylor what it was like when they first moved into their home.

As they sit down, Taylor confesses that she would give "anything" to have things back to the way they were.

She tenderly asks him to come home to her. Donna worries to hear Eric on the phone with a banker, urging him to stop by for tomorrow's showing of their latest collection.

Stephanie interrupts, accompanied by Pam, and suggests that it's time to turn the page. She advises him to step aside and allow Ridge to run the company.

Before sending Donna and Pam out, Stephanie urges him to retire and go traveling with his trophy wife.

Eric ignores her idea and boasts that tomorrow's showing is the first day in the life of the new Forrester. She counters that it's going to be the last day.

While they argue in his office, out at her desk, Pam points out how foolish it is to have Donna model the showstopper tomorrow when she thinks it should be an elegant and stylish model.

Later, an amused Pam orders 10 gallons of honey as a surprise for Donna. Rick suggests to Brooke that he leave Forrester, not her but she reminds him this is about Ridge, not him.

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