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Bill orders Ursula to come up with a new Forrester campaign. Stephanie tells his assistant she has no new "Logan Chronicles" planned.

Bill advises Stephanie that he has proof that Eric hired undocumented workers and vows to uncover all of Eric's secrets.

She warns him about lawsuits if he doesn't have proof.

After she leaves, Bill summons Jarrett to his office and demands that he find proof that Eric has hired illegal aliens.

Once Jarrett gains access to a list of employees, Bill orders him to verify their citizenship but it's Bill who asks for a name and discovers some chicanery with an employee using a dead man's identity.

Eric assures Donna that everything will be better now that Stephanie has ended her online broadcasts. Warning him not to become complacent, Donna reminds him that Bill wants his company.

Later, Stephanie warns Eric that they have a problem because Bill thinks Forrester hired undocumented workers.

He's outraged to hear that she intended to buy the company from Bill once he stole it from Eric and points out that her reason for pairing with him is not justifiable.

Bill calls Stephanie to boast that he has everything he needs to go after Eric. Nick tells his mother that he doesn't want Owen anywhere near his son or the company.

Jackie insists that Owen is a big help for the company and quietly states that Owen truly likes her. Jackie later overhears Nick threaten Owen and orders her son not to bully him.

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