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Bridget suggests to Nick that he's being a hard on Owen. Nick refuses to reconsider.

Owen tells Jackie that he wants a family and suggests that when the time is right, they can adopt.

She's astounded when he admits he wants to make a life with her. After some thought, she embraces him.

Stephanie reports to Eric that Bill knows and is not willing to end his plans.

Eric claims he thought he was just trying to help some people "get a leg up" and didn't think it was wrong.

Donna interrupts and when she hears that Eric may go to prison, she rages at Stephanie and blames her for this mess.

Bill interrupts and drops the name of the illegal alien he uncovered. He demands that Eric sell him his company or he will call the police about Eric's illegal actions.

Eric calls this extortion but Bill doesn't see it that way and then drops his offer from $80 to $60 million.

Eric rips up the offer so Bill leaks that Stephanie wanted the company too. Bill invites Stephanie and Eric to meet privately to make their decision and heads out to the hallway with Donna.

Bill confirms for Donna that if she spends one night with him, he'll drop everything against Eric and allow him to keep his company.

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