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As Nick tries to seduce Bridget, she says it's not working. Nick decides to go see Jackie to make sure Owen's not hanging around.

Donna calls Bill a puppet master "pulling all the strings."

As he touches her cheek, she pulls back and announces that there will be no evening with her. Bill returns to Eric's office and demands an answer.

Eric decides that he will not sell Forrester Creations to Bill who vows to reveal how Eric hired illegal aliens.

Donna panics and asks Eric to wait one night.

Bill smiles and tells Eric that he will give him that night to reconsider. Later, a nervous Donna arrives at Bill's hotel suite and admits how upset she is.

Bill suggests that Eric will tire of her and her skimpy lingerie but she doesn't believe him.

Insisting that Stephanie and Eric will always be together, he points out how Stephanie was there today supporting Eric and asks her to stay with him tonight.

After sex, Owen suggests to Jackie that they've got to do something to make sure that her son knows they are serious about their relationship.

Pointing out how much he loves her new place, Jackie invites him to move in with her. As they talk, Nick uses a key and bursts inside where he is sickened to see them together.

He screams at his mother to get dressed and orders Owen to get out.

He fumes further when Jackie reveals that Owen will be moving in with her and asks her to choose between him and Owen. Jackie pleads with him not to do this.

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