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As he finishes moving his things in, Jackie's amused to see how few things Owen owns. Jackie badmouths being a "trophy wife" for Massimo.

But when he mentions Nick's claim that he's only interested in her money, Owen confirms he likes the life they have together but asks her to decide if she's happy.

As he starts to paw her, Donna boldly tells Bill that he is not going to replace her "honey bear."

Not giving up, Bill tells Donna that whatever time she spends with him, he'll make it special.

He also promises to save her from a terrible heartache he knows is in her future but she claims she doesn't believe any of his promises and won't betray her husband.

Bill then urges Donna to convince Eric tonight to sign the document selling him Forrester for an even lower price now.

After she leaves, Jarrett arrives with the cover story photo of Eric pictured in jail.

Pleading with him to fight Bill, Felicia and Thorne ask Eric what will be left should he go to prison.

Eric and Stephanie call Bobby into the office and warn him that Eric's efforts to allow him to work at Forrester are going to come out.

He hands Bobby an envelope of money because he'll have to leave but Bobby tries to refuse the help, thanking him profusely for the help he gave his family.

Later, when Stephanie claims this is her fault because she's unable to control her anger, she laments that because of her father, she's incapable of being loved.

Disagreeing, Eric boasts that he and their children love her.

Donna interrupts with the new offer and Eric vows not to sell the company. When she calls Bill, he orders Jarrett to run the cover.

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