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Brooke announces she will not tell Rick he cannot be with Steffy. Ridge is outraged.

As he fumes, she claims that she can't do this because their feelings are just too strong. Brooke suggests that no matter what they do, Steffy and Rick will find a way to be together.

Steffy approaches her father but Ridge orders them both to get out. Boasting that he knew Rick would never give up on controlling Steffy, Ridge accuses Brooke of betraying him.

Saying he can't take this anymore, Ridge points out that Rick has "broken them up" and walks out, assuring her first that he will always love her.

He also claims Rick is a threat to him and his daughter and vows to stop him. Taylor finds Ridge at Phoebe's grave, mourning her loss and worried about their other daughter.

Taylor ends up taking Ridge up to the cabin at Big Bear where she promises to help him.
When Brooke calls, Taylor opts not to answer the cellphone. Eric asks Stephanie to come back to work at Forrester.

Though he claims he misses her, she guesses he actually misses the sales she created and is astounded to think that she would consider working with Rick, Donna and Brooke.

Stephanie warns him that he's facing the consequences of picking a trophy wife. Eric insists he loves his wife but adds that he does miss his family.

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