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Rick calmly tells Steffy that he realizes how terrible he has been and will stay away. Steffy thanks him but Rick doesn't give up.

He announces that he is joining a monastery now that he knows he can't have her. When she asks if he is serious, he gets her to laugh because of how gullible she is.

Rick then claims that her laugh shows that he is good for her.

He agrees to give Thomas another chance for her sake and she admits that she is grateful. Taylor tells Brooke that she's not married to Ridge.

When Ridge arrives, Brooke mentions this to him.

He reminds her that he and Brooke were actually married at City Hall before their waterfront ceremony. Taylor again claims they are not married but Stephanie interupts before she can explain the reason.

Alone with her, Stephanie angrily reminds her that they had a plan and urges her not to say anything about the legal snafu.

As Brooke and Ridge argue, Rick interrupts and tells them both that they can let Thomas work at Forrester. Brooke wonders why he's changed his name so Rick claims he's doing this for Steffy.

Ridge guesses this is another ploy on Rick's part.

After Rick leaves, Brooke pleads with Ridge not to allow this to interfere with their marriage. Rick gives Steffy the good news about Thomas and she thanks him.

When she tells Taylor and Stephanie, Steyr assures them both that there is no way that she'd ever be with Rick again.

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