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David finds Katie working on a vodka at the bar. He introduces himself as "dollar Bill."

She proceeds to tell him about her latest failed relationship.

When the bartender cuts her off and Bill won't order another for her, he brings her back to his place where she looks for the mini bar.

He suggests coffee but Katie eventually passes out on the bed.

Nick complains to his mother that Bridget is running to the "beach boy" as fast as she can.

He claims that he knows Bridget is still in love with him and then blurts out that he kissed her.

Jackie assures her son that he will rebuild the trust that Bridget once had in him. He decides that he's got to go out to Owen's place and bring Bridget back to him.

As they drive, Jackie lets slip about Owen's prowess in the bedroom but then covers when Nick asks how she knows about that.

On the couch with Owen, Bridget can't stop thinking about Nick and after she strips to her lingerie, Bridget stops and admits that she's heading back towards the "Nick cycle," admitting Nick kissed her.

Asking for a glass of wine and then drinking it quickly, Bridget seductively asks him to make love to her.

Breathing hard, she asks him to kiss every inch of her body.

Thinking of Nick again, Bridget suddenly asks him to stop then corrects herself only to finally end the moment because of Nick.

She's surprised when Owen admits that there is someone else in his life too. Nick enters without knocking and calls out her name.

Bridget assures him that nothing happened.

He promises that he will do whatever he can to have her back in his life and kisses her passionately.

When Owen tells a relieved Jackie that he couldn't have sex with Bridget, she kisses him. Nick and Bridget are surprised to see them kissing.

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