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Donna delights in telling Stephanie that she and the Logans control Forrester. Stephanie says she shouldn't be afraid of her online efforts then.

Stephanie then tells Bill about her meeting with Eric and asks him to go ahead with the next issue of the "Logan Chronicles."

She also asks him to agree to sell her the company at a profit.

After he gives Jackie assurances that Katie is fine with his decision to be with Bridget, Nick asks his mother about her relationship with Owen.

She denies that she's paying or bribing him and claims that for the first time in a long time, she is happy and that's due to Owen.

Meanwhile, Owen explains to a shocked Bridget that he enjoys being under Jackie's complete control.

He insists he earned his title at Jackie M based on his work, calling the promotion a "fringe benefit."

Later, while Jackie and Bridget discuss her latest work and her relationship with Nick, Nick offers Owen money to end his relationship with Jackie. Owen refuses.

As Ridge complains about Bill's efforts to sabotage the company, Donna leaks that Stephanie is behind this.

Eric reveals that he turned down Stephanie's offer of help.

Meeting Ridge, Stephanie explains that she wants to secretly take over the company for the sake of Thorne, Felicia and Ridge.

He defends Eric but she claims his "sweet fantasy" is ruining the company. She also badmouths Brooke and Rick, warning that he'll never give up on having Steffy for his own. She asks him to get Brooke out of his life.

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