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Stephanie works hard to convince Ridge to save the company. She says it will be great with Rick and Donna gone.

When she asks if he's talked with Brooke about the snafu with his marriage license and he doesn't respond, she guesses correctly that he hasn't told her.

He's upset when she mentions Bill's name and realizes that she is helping him drive down the price of Forrester Creations.

Taylor joins them and wonders what they're arguing about.

After Stephanie leaves, Taylor urges Ridge not to make any decision in haste but does state that they should be back together.

Jarrett urges Bill to end Stephanie's Webcast but backs off when he threatens his job.

Watching Stephanie's latest recording, Rick asks Brooke if they're going to let Stephanie do this to them and to her.

He vows to go after Bill if this continues but she pleads with him to stay out of this and decides to go give Bill a piece of her mind.

When she confronts him, he offers to end Stephanie's online broadcasts if she'll show him that she's wearing granny bloomers instead of the "nasty teddy" that Stephanie claims she always wears.

Brooke refuses but before she can leave, Bill invites her to do the online interview he had scheduled for later, calling it a chance to battle Stephanie.

Back at Forrester, Stephanie warns Rick that he'll never replace Eric. Brooke calls him and Rick invites Stephanie to watch his mother "set the record straight" online.

Brooke boasts that the Logan family is now running Forrester Creations with her son. Stephanie points out to Rick that she failed to mention Ridge and Eric.

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