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In the company steam room, Katie insists on handling the problem when Bill learns Eric and Ridge won't be at today's meeting. She confronts Brooke.

After her TV show wraps, Donna complains to Justin that it was boring.

He assures her she was fine. Eric interrupts, surprised to see Justin holding her hands. Donna admits he's her producer and claims that she didn't realize that she had forgotten to tell Eric.

Bill finds them together and asks what's wrong.

Eric announces that he doesn't want his wife doing the TV show. He starts to pull her out but Bill stops him and suggests that Donna make her own decision.

Donna tells her husband that she's always wanted to do this. Eric insists he supports her but doesn't want her working for "these people." Justin stands up for Donna but Eric points out this is between him and his wife.

He pulls Donna aside and they argue about her dreams and his need for her support. Later, Justin tells Donna that while he knows she's very loyal to her husband, he insists that he knows she's not satisfied with Eric.

Eric tells Marcus that he doesn't trust Justin. Taylor reminds Steffy and Thomas that Forrester Creations is their birth rite.

The two hurry to the meeting with Katie, Brooke and Rick. Steffy comes up with an idea to tie Forrester to Hollywood with the Logan sisters as the stars.

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The Bold and the Beautiful
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