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Bill wishes Steffy luck with the photo shoot but she guesses he's there to see Katie. She then directs the Forrester Hollywood campaign.

Watching from the back of the room, Bill congratulates Ridge on the job Steffy is doing and suggests he should be very proud.

Justin stares as Steffy directs Donna.

Just before they wrap, Katie convinces Bill to step onto the set for a photo with her. Alone with Bill, Steffy thanks him for giving her this fantastic opportunity but asks why he gave it to her.

He insists it's because she came up with the idea and had so much enthusiasm for the project. Justin asks Donna if she's given anymore thought to his question about them.

She responds that she is committed to her husband.

Steffy brings Bill the proofs from the session and he admits that she exceeded his expectations.

As Nick wonders to Bridget about the hip sizes of some of these surrogates, she takes a call from Andrea who advises them to call Sandra themselves.

When a nervous Bridget finally dials her number, Sandy tries to hang up on her at first and then confirms that she's a surrogate.

Using her laptop to learn all she can about Bridget, Sandy boasts that she is "ready to put her uterus to work."

She's startled to see Bridget is married to Nick and agrees to meet them later.

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