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Owen's CPR skills bring Steffy back to life. As she huddles in a blanket to get warm, he explains what happened.

She thanks him for saving his life.

Back at the office, Nick fumes when Owen is late for a meeting.

Jackie excuses his tardiness and admits that he's still trying to deal with her distant past with men who paid her money.

She adds that Steffy is also advising Owen about their relationship.

Calling her "a kid," he laughs at the idea because she's so young and doubts that she is a threat to her marriage.

When Jackie reveals that she's been discussing this with Whip, he points out that she's upset Owen's friends with Steffy while Jackie is still close to Whip.

Later, when Owen arrives and admits he left the designs on the boat, Nick is upset to hear he took the Shady Marlin II out on the ocean with Steffy.

He asks him if he has a "thing" for Steffy. Owen talks to Jackie about saving Steffy's life.

As he describes what he felt as he cradled her, Jackie guesses that she has lost him but he counters that he now sees things clearly.

He asks her to forgive him for being such a fool and asks her to love him again. Owen claims that he's been wasting the precious time they have together and loves only her.

Shocked when he asks her to marry him, Katie asks Bill if he's in love with her. When he doesn't answer, she accuses him of using her to get revenge for his father's sake.

He counters that she's seeking reassurance and claims that if she really knew him, she would understand he doesn't do anything for his father's sake.

Bill denies using her or lying to her and confesses that he loves her. To prove it, he kisses her passionately.

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