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Thorne stops by to see how his mother is doing. Stephanie insists she's fine but he claims to have a feeling something is wrong.

She admits she had a "little" stroke.

Hearing it happened a couple of weeks ago, Thorne blasts her for not telling him. Stephanie explains that Jackie and "her band of misfits" has been very good to her.

She describes them as a "second family" she's found.

He offers to tell Eric and the others but she asks him to let her do it.

Thorne states that he's still holding out hope that she and Eric will get back together. When he mentions that Bill's latest efforts to take over Forrester involves Katie, Stephanie is furious.

Denying that she's siding with Bill, Katie tells her sister that she loves him. Bill interrupts and claims this isn't about a vendetta. He again explains that his buying the company will actually help the Forrester family since he would like to keep them on staff.

Katie insists that they can rebuild with Bill's help.

They return to the office where they leak to Ridge and Eric that Bill bought the beach house. Eric's outraged to hear Katie's living there with him. Donna tells them about Bill Sr.'s DVD.

Eric calls the late Spencer a coward for being unable to come after him while he was alive. Brooke then describes Bill's idea of how his financial effort will save the company and the family.

They're all astounded when Brooke adds that she thinks they should consider the offer.

Bill calls Brooke and announces that he's coming to the office tomorrow morning to make a final offer to purchase the company.

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