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Steffy tells Taylor she's concerned about Owen. Taylor reminds her daughter that their marriage is none of her business.

Steffy reveals that Owen wants a family with his wife and Jackie doesn't.

As she starts to complain about Jackie's decision, Taylor again reminds her that she cannot get involved in this.

Jackie arrives at the office and finds Owen having fun with Nick's child.

Nick complains that his son's grandmother always seems to disappear when it's time to change a diaper.

Jackie claims her role is to spoil him. Owen reveals that he's going to work from home so that he can prepare a special surprise for his wife.

After he leaves, Jackie talks about her marital troubles. He suggests that she focus on the other aspects of their marriage, urging her to travel and have fun.

Back at home, Jackie is not pleased when Owen again asks her about having a baby with a surrogate but his words seemingly convince her to reconsider the idea.

Bill escorts Katie to work and insists that she take a seat behind Eric's old desk. In front of Brooke and Ridge, Bill tells Katie that he has faith that she will do great things.

Flashing her huge diamond engagement ring, Katie points out that Brooke and Ridge have missed something. Brooke is rocked to hear that Katie has agreed to marry Bill.

As they struggle with this news, Bill sarcastically asks which one of them is going to welcome him to the family.

Later, Brooke reminds her sister that she promised she would be loyal to them. Katie asks her not to worry.

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