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Eric states that Bill doesn't own the company yet and insists on handling the press. Ridge lets Eric know that Katie is engaged to Bill.

When Bill brings Katie to the office, Eric offers his congratulations.

Brooke pulls her sister aside and reminds her of their agreement.

She then begins the press conference and tells the reporters about their new partnership. Bill takes over and explains that his company fully owns Forrester and that he has put Katie in charge as CEO.

After Katie boasts that Ridge and Eric will continue as their main designers, a reporter notices her engagement ring.

Bill happily reveals that they are engaged.

Questioned why he put Katie in charge instead of either Forrester men, Bill starts to answer but Katie interrupts and offers her own words.

When asked where her loyalties lie, Katie claims she is loyal to her own boss, Bill. Outraged, Brooke lets Katie know how upset she is with her.

Hearing Eric blasting Katie later, Bill warns him and the others to back off and go to work. He reminds them they can't work for anyone else so unless they do as he tells them, they'll all be out of work.

Owen is thrilled and assures Jackie that she'll be equally happy to have their own baby. But when he senses she's still got some concern, Jackie assures him that she only wants him to be happy.

He presses her to confirm she's being honest so Jackie confesses that she knows he'll be a father one day, just not with her.

She goes on to admit that while she wants to make him happy, she can't bring another baby into this world. When Steffy interrupts, Jackie confirms that she asked her to come over and hints that she wants them both to be happy.

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