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Bill guesses Brooke and Ridge expect to control him through Katie. Brooke pleads with her sister to realize that it's Ridge's time to be CEO.

Bill suggests that if Eric had placed him in that position earlier, Forrester might not have gotten into financial trouble.

Brooke blasts her sister for stealing her husband's job and warns that she may not be able to forgive her.

Katie assures them both that everything is the same and Bill points out that Brooke should be able to trust her own sister, someone she claims to love.

While Brooke asks for time alone with her sister, Ridge warns Bill that Brooke may never look at Katie the same way.

Inside the office, the sisters argue about "getting past this."

Brooke insists Bill only wants vengeance.

As Owen stews, Steffy reminds Jackie that she and Owen can't begin to talk about being together and having children because they haven't even dated.

Jackie claims she was just trying to make a point that Owen's at a different point in his life than she is. Owen asks Steffy to leave and then announces to his wife that he's not going anywhere.

He laughingly suggests that they get a puppy instead because he loves Jackie and vows to be with her forever.

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