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As Bill introduces Katie to the press, Donna and Brooke laugh about the idea of their sister being CEO. In public, Brooke and Donna insist they support Katie all the way.

Downplaying that Ridge and Eric are not present, Bill claims that with his company's financial support, "the sky's the limit."

When Stephen and Beth arrive, Bill boasts that Katie took his breath away when he met her. Stephen suggests that he have the wedding sooner than later.

The three Logan women arrive in new "Royal line" designs.

Before the photographer starts snapping away, Bill moves Katie to the middle of the three and then places a crown on top of her head.

Justin and Marcus comment on how beautiful Donna looks.

Justin recalls back in high school when Donna was named homecoming queen. Once the impromptu photo session is over, Brooke and Katie run to their parents who reveal it was Bill's idea to bring them here.

Stephen confides to Donna that Beth's health changes from day-to-day. Reminding her he's missed so many days with her, Justin asks Donna to spend some "alone time" with him but she claims it's too late.

At her place, Taylor assures Ridge that she is there to support him.

In front of Steffy, Thomas asks Ridge how Katie came to power at Forrester. Ridge admits that he doesn't know what's going on anymore.

When Brooke stops by his office, Ridge admits he doesn't think he can work for Bill and her sister. Outside, Bill shows Katie he's changed the Forrester sign on the building.

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