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Ridge confides he's having a hard time getting back to work now that Bill is in place at Forrester. Brooke hints that she may be able to solve his problem.

She hurries to see Bill and Katie and hands him a notebook filled with descriptions of all of her assets.

She starts to describe their value but when Bill asks her to get to the point, she offers him everything of hers in exchange for the company.

As she goes on, Bill stops her and turns down her offer, unaware that Ridge has witnessed the meeting.

Later, impressed with her attempt, Ridge tells Brooke she has given him back his dream and vows to work everyday to prove his faith in her.

Pam successfully hurries her sister to the TV studio for today's live "The Catwalk."

Though Stephanie and Pam are disappointed to hear the hunky host quit earlier today they're sickened to realize that Justin has hired Donna to take over hosting duties.

Donna lays into Justin for failing to tell her that her first guest is Stephanie.

After Donna admits that Eric doesn't know she's doing this but claims he would approve, Stephanie points out that she's going to hurt her husband by doing a show on the downfall of Eric's company.

When Stephanie backs out after Donna introduces her, Donna tricks Pam into coming onto the set for an interview as Stephanie's "little sister."

Starstruck now that she's on TV, Pam is unable to speak.

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