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Nick catches Owen and Jackie kissing. Both assure him they're fine and Owen hints that the marriage is everything to him.

Hearing Bridget is at Dr. Caspary's, Jackie sends Owen out and asks Nick if everything is okay.

He admits his concern for Bridget because he fears that she wants to have another child. On live TV, Donna is flustered when she can't get Pam to utter a single syllable as she hosts "The Catwalk."

Donna slips backstage and then returns with a calendar featuring photos of various kinds of dogs. Pam starts talking when she sees her late Doberman "Tiny."

She thanks Donna and decides that she's "almost" a decent person. Pam then starts babbling, complaining about Donna stealing her sister's husband.

The two argue about who works harder all the while the audience is howling. Justin and Jarrett are backstage, laughing too.

Pam steals the show when she starts doing her cat dance for the audience.

Afterwards, Jarrett and Justin agree with Pam when she claims that she saved Donna's butt. The two suggests that Pam and Donna work well together for the camera.

In for her annual exam, Bridget asks her OB/GYN if it's okay for he to go off the pill and try to have a baby.

When Nick arrives, Bridget is upset and lets him know it. She reveals that Dr. Caspary told her that her odds of having a child are amazingly low and getting lower everyday.

He sternly suggests that she give up on the idea and asks if Jack isn't enough for her.

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