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Ridge and other family members stare in disbelief as Katie stands by Bill. He confirms she will be the new Forrester CEO.

Eric points out that nothing can replace experience.

As the others pile on the reasons she should turn down the job, Bill steps up and vows to defend Katie, telling everyone that she is the only person loyal to everyone.

He adds that they should be happy that he chose Katie and not someone else. Ridge reminds Bill that he is running the company with Eric's support, pointing out his deal with the bank hasn't even gone through yet.

Eric agrees that he's jumping the gun by appointing a CEO for a company he doesn't own. Calling him a joke, Ridge accuses Bill of lying and cheating. Confirming she's smart, Eric guesses that Katie will soon realize what a terrible person Bill is.

Michael arrives from the bank with a compromise offer. Ridge calls the offer to pay back the $100 million loan in one year a joke.

In Ridge's office, Brooke and Donna plead with Katie to accept that Bill is using her. As Dr. Caron examines her blood pressure, Pam and Steffy urge Stephanie to take some time off from work until she is better.

The doctor warns Stephanie that over 700,000 people suffer from strokes and need treatment to get better. Stephanie sends her on her way though Pam makes sure she has her number first.

Steffy urges her to tell her family about her stroke but she refuses.

Taylor arrives and asks about the departing Dr. Caron so Stephanie lies about why she met with her.

Trying one of her lemon bars, Whip asks Pam what's wrong with Stephanie and asks her to keep an eye on her because she's missed some deadlines lately.

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