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Eric tells Donna, Brooke and Ridge that they're going to sell the beach house. Ridge wonders to Donna and Brooke if they should fire Katie.

Bill questions Katie when she admits how upset her family is because of his take over of Forrester and her appointment as CEO.

He wonders aloud if she feels she betrayed her family.

He quickly insists he has "utter confidence" in her abilities to turn the company around. Wondering what if she fails, Katie asks if he'll go back to New York since all he was interested in was Forrester.

Bill insists that he cares about her but warns that he doesn't care what her sisters think of him. He adds that he also doesn't want to disappoint her.

Katie explains that she will not fire people to cut costs and intends to run the company on her own terms.

When Steffy pushes Stephanie to go to bed in spite of the fun she's having chatting with Taylor, she argues with them until she knocks over some glasses on a nearby table.

Stephanie resents Steffy's overt concern for her and decides to go spend the night at Pam's place. Steffy blurts out to Taylor that Stephanie had a stroke.

Taylor quickly checks her strength in both hands and asks if she was given any rehabilitation to do. She urges Stephanie to accept that she and her friends can help her but Stephanie admits her fears.

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