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Steffy brings Stephanie back to the house. Stephanie refuses to bother Taylor while she's out of town. She her granddaughter she promised not to tell anyone what happened.

After Steffy drives her to the office, Stephanie is surprised at the others when the staff shows in her office for a meeting.

But after she spills her coffee on Bridget's newest designs, everyone panics but Stephanie insists that she is fine and asks everyone to leave and go back to work.

Whip asks her to sign an agreement but she hides the fact that her vision is blurry and then realizes she isn't able to sign her name.

Calling him "dad," Marcus promises Eric that he won't embarrass him or his new family. Eric opens a box and finds a trophy inside.

Marcus explains he was MVP his final year in high school and always wanted to give it to his father. He announces that this is for him and Eric responds how proud he is.

Boasting that he's in touch with Forrester's largest debtor, Bill finds a somber Justin uninterested.

Justin admits he's been investigating Marcus. Justin explains his thought that Marcus is his son and wonders why Donna would lie to him.

Bill sends a text to order his own investigation into Marcus' birth date. He gets a response almost immediately and shows it to Justin who smiles to realize that Marcus is his son.

He surprises Donna in the Forrester office and boasts that he knows that Marcus is his son. Denying it again, Donna lies that she cheated on him but eventually confesses that Marcus is his son.

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