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Jane is assigned to go hang out with models and finds out by accident about a photographer that abuses her models. She pitches the story to Jacqueline who tells her she might need to do it herself.

Jacqueline spends the episode worried about her job since Patrick is growing close to the board members and she is told that print isn't doing as well as digital is. She has her 10-year anniversary gala coming up, and a speech forces her to wonder if she will be pushed out soon.

Jane keeps digging for a scoop, and then at Jacqueline's party gives her advice about what she means to others. This inspires Jacqueline to give a speech making it clear that she and her magazine aren't going anywhere, not giving up. Jacqueline also tells Jane that she will write that story with her.

Kat considers running for city council but gets told that they will dig around in her past. Most of it she is fine with except for an abortion, a platform she isn't sure she is looking to discuss. Talking to Tia though opens her eyes up to clinics that trick women into coming in, and then they lecture them with pro-life propaganda and force them into situations where they don't feel safe making a choice about their body.

Kat realizes she needs to create change, and officially decides to run.

Sutton is preparing her dress for Oliver to recommend, but he is distracted with his daughter. When she finally shows him he isn't impressed and she can't figure out what to do.

She talks to Oliver though, who tells her it isn't her and gives her tough love that inspires her to try again. She gives him advice back, telling him that he is letting his daughter push boundaries which wouldn't help her later. He has to be a parent and not a friend, which Oliver appreciates. 

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