Jacqueline: I want you to know that as I spend more time with Ian and focus on my personal life, I will be looking to you to step up. I am not the future of Scarlet, Jane, you are. Now, go get that other story.
Jane: Thank you, Jacqueline.

Jane: Hi, how was Harrisburg?
Sutton: It was great.
Kat: How’s Babs?
Sutton: Really good. It’s like a great little reminder of, just, who I am, you know, and who I am is a person who doesn’t need this anymore.
Kat: Ok, wow.
Jane: Well, we’re here for you.
Kat: Yeah, whatever you need.
Sutton: Right now, I just need a little music, a little you guys, this dance action.
Kat: Are you ok?
Sutton. Come on.

Three years ago Richard couldn’t stop telling me how much he loved me, now he’s just gone. I don’t even know who I am without him.


Oliver: Am I a bad dad if I don’t wanna buy Carly rainbow Crocs? Sutton, what’s wrong?
Sutton: Richard left me.
Oliver: Oh, baby, come here.

Bartender: Still trying to figure her out?
Alex: More like my place in it. She's a very strong independent woman. It's great, but it can be a little.
Bartender. Complicated.

There isn't one right way. There are all kinds of love. There's forbidden love, first love, there's rekindled love, which can be amazing or terrible depending on whether you're meant to be together, there's complicated love, where you're still trying to figure each other out, and then there's unconditional love, which it sounds like you have.


Love is messy and that's what makes it great, you know?


This is a life decision that you made on your own without me about my life.


Kat: I'm just a little confused, that's all, like why you chose the podcast to say something.
Eva: I bring up my sexuality when it makes sense to me, and I chose to bring it up on your podcast because it felt relevant.
Kat: Huh, it didn't feel relative at the Republican mixer?
Eva: Are we done here?

Scott: Do you want to talk about it?
Jane: There's nothing to really talk about until she gets back to me, so. Do you know what would help, though? Proving that Kim works for sexists pigs and then exposing them in Scarlet. Are you just gonna sit there, or are you coming with me?

Sutton: There was a minute there where I didn't know if it was gonna happen, you know, watching Kat and Jane rise through the ranks, and I just felt like I was idling.
Jacqueline: You were an assistant longer than you wanted to be, but you were never idling. You were preparing for your moment so that when the time was right, you would soar. Everyone has their own timeline.
Sutton: Yeah, we do, don't we?

Ava: Can I get a gin martini, please?
Kat: Yeah. Straight?
Ava: Dirty.
Kat: Interesting.
Ava: You think I don't have taste?
Kat: Oh, you read minds now?
Ava. Sometimes.
Kat: Hmmm, really? Well, that is impressive -- a telepathic, NRA card-carrying, republican.
Ava: Not as impressive as a feminist, socialist, activist, who finally knows how to make a good drink.

The Bold Type Quotes

Adena: You know, there's a lot more inside of a woman than what you can see on the outside.
Kat: Yeah I know, there's a lot more inside of me too.

And I expect you to unleash holy hell on anyone who tries to hold you back because you don't just work for Scarlet, you are Scarlett.