Jane: So this is it?
Sutton: No.
Jane: So much change.
Kat: But it’s good change, though, and we’re gonna be OK.
Sutton: We’re gonna be better than OK.
Jane: ‘Cause we got each other forever.
Kat: Until we die.

Kat: Oh no, I know that I look. I feel like she’s leaving Scarlet. Are you leaving?
Sutton: She’s not leaving. Are you leaving?
Jane: I found this photo of my mom, and she’s in Paris.
Kat: That’s sweet.
Jane: She loved to travel, and it just got me thinking that I should take what I’ve learned here and apply it to my life. I mean see the world, have adventures, write about failing feminists in different countries.
Kat: I mean I think that sounds amazing, but you can still do that Scarlet.
Jane: I know, but I think I have to let go of my safety net, however scary that may be. I just think this is my time to be in the moment, to take risks, and to embrace all the opportunities my mom never got to.
Sutton: I love that. you’re amazing.
Kat: And you always have a home here.
Jane: I know.

Adena: Your speech was really beautiful.
Kat: Thanks. I’m glad you liked it. It was for you.
Adena: Kat, we talked about this.
Kat: I know we did, but being up there made me realize you’re my person like you’re always gonna be my person. Yeah, maybe we’ll fight, and I’m sure we’ll have our disagreements, but we’ll work it out.
Adena: But you don’t know that.
Kat: But I do. I know that. I have never been more sure of anything in my entire life. You taught me that I can commit and make it my own, and we can do that too. We can make this our own. We don’t have to play by anyone’s rules. We make the rules together. Does that sound OK?
Adena: That’s perfect.

I feel really honored to be standing here on the ground you paved. We are going to take everything Jacqueline and those before her have built and continue to innovate. I’m gonna be honest with y’all, for a long time, I was so scared of the future, but I’m not afraid anymore. I promise you I will approach each and every day with an open heart and an open mind, and we are going to create our very own amazing future. But before we do that, we should take one last look at the past and our fearless leader who brought us here.


Kat: I actually kind of love this stuff. You know, you’re thinking about the future, imagining how you would shape it.
Jane: So you’re OK with thinking about a future for a company or a cause but not for Adena?
Sutton: Good point.
Kat: OK, you can’t chime in if we can’t see you, and you know what? It wasn’t my choice. It was Adena’s, but honestly, she’s right. It’s really complicated and messy and too risky.

Richard: Well, look at us. Making the world a better place.
Sutton: I kind of feel like we’re living in a dream, you know? Walking around, pretending like nothing is different, but it is. I literally have our divorce papers in my bag right now.
Richard: I know.
Sutton: And you’re gonna adopt a baby.
Richard: I know.
Sutton: What are we doing?
Richard: I don’t know. Can't we live in the dream a little while longer? Unless you don’t want to…
Sutton: No, I do. I really do.

Jane: I have like infinite emotions, and you know when that happens, and you just feel like you have to scream?
Sutton: I feel that way right now.
Kat: I feel that way most days. We need a release.
Sutton: Hey, you know what we should do? We should go to the subway to scream.
Jane: Oh.
Kat: Remember when we did that?
Jane: Well, you know what? We don’t actually need the subway.
Sutton: That’s true. We could just do it right here.
Kat: That’s true.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the future lately and the past and my time here, and while I am so proud of the work Scarlet has done, my most cherished and greatest gift is all of you. You are the future, and so I want to take tonight to announce I am stepping down as editor-in-chief. I will always cherish my time here, and I cannot wait to see what the next generation will do. So without further ado, I would like to introduce you all to the next editor-in-chief of Scarlet, Kat Edison.


Richard: What’s that?
Sutton: Read it.
Richard: I don’t want to whatever it is.
Sutton: OK, then I will. Richard Hunter is the love of my life. We were married for a brief but wonderful time. A time that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. Our marriage ended because of no fault of his or mine but because of the single reason that while I was not meant to be a mom, he was meant to be a dad.
Richard: Sutton.
Sutton: Please let me get this out. Walking away from an amazing husband is the hardest thing I ever had to do, but I also know it’s the right thing to do because letting go means giving a person that I love most in this world a chance at becoming what he was born to be: a father.
Richard: Sutton, I want to spend the rest of my life with you.
Sutton: Richard, I saw the way you looked at those kids in the park, and I know what you were thinking. You were thinking, ‘I wish I could have that.’
Richard: What I was thinking was there’s no place I would rather be than by your side. Yes, I always wanted kids, but the thing is I want you more. I mean maybe I could adopt a baby, but without you I wouldn’t be happy. Sure, I could meet someone and we could have a kid, but I don’t want to marry anyone else, Sutton.
Sutton: How do I know you’re not going to regret it?
Richard: What I regret is ever having left you in the first place.
Sutton: I really want to believe you.
Richard: Then believe me because I have never been more certain about anything in my entire life. Sutton Brady, will you not divorce me? I can’t imagine living my life without you.
Sutton: I can't either.
Richard: So is that a yes?
Sutton: Yes!

Sutton: It’s not lost on me what an honor it is to have a chance to style you.
Jacqueline: Well, I wanted the best, and you are the best.
Sutton: I’m hardly the best, but thanks for saying that.
Jacqueline: Sutton, stop. It is time for you to own how great you are. Wow, I can't believe this is really happening.
Sutton: I’ve never seen you nervous.
Jacqueline: Well, it’s never easy letting go even when it’s right.

Kat: I’m just trying to catch because it wasn’t that long ago that we were sitting right there and you fired me, and now you’re asking me to take over for you. I mean I’ve changed since then, but I’m always going to be a fire. If there’s injustice, I’m not just gonna sit back. I can’t.
Jacqueline: And that is the kind of leader that this magazine needs. I was trying to replace myself with someone like me, but someone like me is not the future of Scarlet. You are, Kat, and I’m sorry it took me so long to see it. I know that taking on editor-in-chief at a big magazine like Scarlet is a huge decision, and I’m sure you’ll want time to think it through.
Kat: No.
Jacqueline: No?
Kat: No, I don’t need time to think about it. The answer’s yes. I would love it.

Jane: Kat, I’m not taking the editor-in-chief job.
Kat: What, why?
Jane: Because I’m not the right person for it.
Jacqueline: You are, Kat.
Kat: Are you serious?
Jacqueline: Oh, I am very serious.
Kat: Is it OK if we sit down? I feel like I need to sit down. Jane, this is your dream.
Jane: No, it’s not. I thought it was, but I was born to be a writer. You were born to do this, and you’re going to be great at it.

The Bold Type Quotes

Adena: You know, there's a lot more inside of a woman than what you can see on the outside.
Kat: Yeah I know, there's a lot more inside of me too.

And I expect you to unleash holy hell on anyone who tries to hold you back because you don't just work for Scarlet, you are Scarlett.