You know, whatever is on that keyboard has already been in your mouth.


I think this is a really vital piece of journalism. And I want to know that if you do decide to publish, I will support you no matter what.


No fighting, it isn't good for the eggs.


Jane: I don't watch porn.
Patrick: Well, someone who uses your computer does.

Kat: People knock now?
Jane: I like it. People are starting to pick up on the fact that this is our room.

I have now seen both of my best friend's vaginas.


Patrick: Is Jacqueline really friends with Sasha?
Jane: Jacqueline is friends with everyone.

Jane: Mine is missing.
Sutton: Okay, but that doesn't mean we swapped vibrators.

Kat: But you have to take a lot of Instastories of me!
Alex: My first name is Instastories.

Kat: Hey, is this seat taken?
Alex: Well, turns out I'm not exactly a hit at the lesbian bar, so no.

People don't want perfection, Kat. They want this, they want honesty.


Oliver: Perfect Imperfection. Studied carelessness.
Sutton: Jumbo shrimp. It's an oxymoron, are we not doing oxymorons?

The Bold Type Quotes

Adena: You know, there's a lot more inside of a woman than what you can see on the outside.
Kat: Yeah I know, there's a lot more inside of me too.

And I expect you to unleash holy hell on anyone who tries to hold you back because you don't just work for Scarlet, you are Scarlett.