The All Stars Compete in a Rope Challenge - The Challenge: All Stars
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The Daily elimination finds everyone trying to get an advantage, while taking out some of their biggest enemies.

Kendal gets an early lead, but in the end, Beth is thrown straight into elimination.

Mark gets the Life Saver power and promises everyone, including Kendal and Arisa that he will keep them safe.

Secretly, he plots to get Kendal hurled into the elimination.

Mark uses the power on Katie who is the house vote due to her performance thus far.

TJ tells everyone they need to vote on the spot for a replacement and Arisa snags the most amount of votes.

Beth asks for Arissa, so Arissa is not impressed. She asks TJ if she can box Beth, but he laughs it off and says no.

She then says she is not going to participate and TJ says "see you never."

Beth is the default winner and gets to stay in the game.

The Challenge: All Stars
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