Kendall Melts the Ice - The Challenge: All Stars
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The daily elimination is that people will be split into four groups and melt an ice block, before using the puzzle pieces to put the seasons in the correct order.

None of the groups perform particularly well, leading to the event being canceled, but TJ gives them hammers to break the rest of the ice and tells them each broken puzzle piece has a 5 minute penalty.

Jemmye, Beth, and Mark win, but TJ says they have broken pieces, so Kendall's team takes the win.

Nehemiah is thrown straight into elimination and Teck ticks him off when he makes fun of it.

Mark asks Nehemiah who he wants to take into elimination. At the nominations, Teck volunteers because everyone says his name.

At the elimination, TJ gives them two California Reaper chillies and tells them to punch out colors, leading to a tense battle.

Nehemiah comes through with the win this time.

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