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Whitney Port travels to Miami with Roxy Olin and feels the pressure of competition and putting on a show without Kelly

Olivia vows her "personal relationship" with Zac Posen will score an interview. Joe Zee says get it or you're fired.

When model Erica is seen with another designer, she suggests "sharing" but Whitney basically calls dibs.

At the launch party, Olivia poses on the red carpet before Joe sends her to get Zac. Which she actually does.

Impressed, Joe says this is "the reason he hired" Olivia.

At a Miami boutique, Whitney and Roxy Olin decide her designs would fit in well. Roxy is actually useful and meets the buyer.

Editor-in-chief Robbie and editorial director Keith watch Olivia. Erin says they should compare it to Louise Roe's recent interview.

Amazingly, they determine that "everyone has their strengths" and "Olivia is good at what she does."

Louise and Olivia meet and hit it off.

Roxy appears to be quite frustrated about the apparent disorganization at the show. But despite setbacks, the show is a success.

Whitney takes a curtain call - and Shari and Pamela decide to carry her Whitney Eve line.

The City
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